January Babies Birthday Party @Cellcity

2nd blackforest birthday cake I had yesterday. Tastes not bad actually.

5 January babies in the office!! 2 of them were missing. And the cake still barely made a piece each. Cake cutter Roslinda now has more cake cutting experience for next month's feast. ;)

P.S. I randomly took a beer from a colleague. >< And got a scolding from 祥祥... ah he was scary. :s That was the first time he ever really yelled at me for something I did. sobs.

Pasta Cafe @Takashimaya

Rating: ★★★★

Finally had the chance on Thursday to try the Pasta Cafe that my sister strongly recommended. Quite yummy~

For two of us:

Fried Chicken (S$5.90)
~$1 per ball is just too expensive for my grade. (3 had been eaten in this photo, there were 6 to begin with.) But taste and texture is comparable to McSpicy chicken, meaning good. But I might as well eat McSpicy for the extra spiciness. :\

Soup of the Day: Clam Chowder (S$3.00)
Tastes okay. Not enough of the Clam Chowder flavor though.

Metaiko Spaghetti (S$12.90)
祥祥's entree. "Mentaiko" is marinated cod fish roe. It says on the menu, "Spiced with mild chilli." Don't be misled. It doesn't taste any tinge of spiciness at all. :p An interesting pick from the menu, claimed to be one of the most popular from Japan.

Boscaiola (S$14.90)
my entree. 祥祥 was eyeing on my pasta throughout! Topped with sauteed mushroom, tuna, and chicken sausage "with garlic and chilli." Again, don't be misled by the word "chilli" haha. "Boscaiola" means "woodman".. not sure where that came from.. the color?? (Personally, I like to turn all my food into the Chinese style.. so a little soy sauce would perfect this dish imo. :D)


Hungry updates

Rating: ★★★★

Aiyayaiii!! I've been so busy at work these days that I have no time to blog! Five drafts and a pending one waiting for me to dwell on. meh.

Start of the year, many things we are going to push forward. So it's deadlines deadlines and deadlines. Helping with this and that, and so on... But now, I am going to dwell on my foooood instead.........


Yesss, really fat, juicy, spicy, and yummy!!!