Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention

Seeing @claudia's photos @ STGCC just made me want to go there so badly!

I finally persuaded wx to bring me there last night. :)

We were at The Padang (for a some reason), then walked over to Suntec to have dinner. By the time we reached the exhibition hall it was already close to 9pm. Rather late, but not bad at all considering that most crowds were already dismissed.

Specially taken for my sister, who bought me two Uglydolls back in the States :) Look! So many Uglydolls! Big and small. Didn't seem like they have any Uglydoll freebies for me though :p

I read in Claudia's post that there is a Play Imaginative (pi.) membership for $20 + free Baby To-fu & a Strawberry To-Fu notebook. For sure I started looking around for the PI booth, where I found this cho kawaii Strawberry To-fu figurine! Too bad, was trying to cut down on expenses these days so I didn't get the membership. Still got chance in the future right? :x

Not a fan of Gundam, but I thought these super big toy figures are meant for photo taking. So I took one anyhow. And it's a robot! And Transformers are robots too! OK. They look very different, but that was how this photo ended up here. I thought Wah Transformers!

We wondered off to the toy capsule machines! Hey another *mini* Gundam! There were lots of selections - Hello Kitty, To-fu (again) just to name a couple. And my favorite is...

Ta-da! Doraemon!! Aww so cute~ $3 per capsule. I didn't get :(

Playmobil! My favorite toy as a kid :) I had a schooling set - with lots of little tables and chairs, and a writable blackboard - and a kitchen set - mini ladles, pots and pans and cabinets that can open too! (Life-size Playmobil model!)

But nothing like that at the exhibition. (Meh) The focus is on an exclusive collection of Egyptian Playmobils!

And look, a mummification ceremony! :p

Nevertheless, I did not go home empty-handed!

#1. A keychain/cellphone accessory from Dooodolls booth! Just lost my SanDisk one earlier that evening (at The Padang) :( This one not cheap but it's rather big for a cellphone and cute! wx buy me de :) $9

#2. 2 boggling pens from mymailmoment.com! Do surveys and reviews to earn points for gift vouchers and freebies. Service by Sing-Post, so.. don't think is spam lah.

#3. Hello Kitty Online game poster and DVD client installer! Hello Kitty Online (HKO) is a free MMO game, much like Maple Story and Angels Online. Just sign up there to get these freebies. Will write up a detailed post on the game later.

That's all for now :)

Read more at TOYSREVIL, official blogger for STGCC.
STGCC is at Suntec Convention Centre Hall 401 and 402, 14-16 August.


  1. oh, poor baby. you are trying to cut down on expenses again? thought you are doing ok financially since you don't have to pay for lodgings!
    sorry, maybe after i get my teaching allowance i will have enough to send you some once in a while. it's such a cool convention and you didn't buy much?! although i don't know what the pi membership could be good for (except that you probably like the sign-up freebies) but it seems like the other little toys are things you would typically go for!

  2. the convention does seem very interesting and good that you went late so there wasn't much of a crowd. must be a very cheerful, happy tour around the booths. everything is so cute and colorful. =)