dan bai.

dan bai. in chinese is 蛋白. dear says 蛋白 is transparent. so if you are a dan bai, i'm saying that you have a transparent brain (ie. no brain). haizz.. my hunny was a super big one today. dear has a busy week ahead.. so today was our only chance for a bit of a 二人世界. but dear has to spoil it. T_T

he was supposed to bring me to a few job agencies to submit my resume. ParkLANE mall it is.. but he took me to Park Mall!!! zzz told him to make a list le lor.. T_T plus we had a late start earlier on.. took an unplanned nap till 1pm+, failed to submit resumes online, headed out 3pm+ and it was pouring heavily. took a cab instead, then got caught in traffic. reached at 4pm+ and realized we got to the wrong mall. D: 4:30pm and there were 5-6 others waiting for a cab. GGnated.


i was furious and decided to go home. skipped dinner too. dear had to take a sandwiched bus back home.. alone. :\ sorry dear ><>