Mini golf tournaments and updates

33 days left till I get to see my swt♥! :D happie

Over the past couple of weeks, we had two mini golf tournaments. One at Pirate's Cove, and another at Hidden Harbor Golf. I lost both but had some great shots. Hehe. Damn hot weather. Lots of fun.

27-hole at the Pirate's Cove. Pretty well designed terrain and obstacles.

Hidden Harbor Golf is an extension of the American Adventures Park. 18-hole, with the last being a giveaway hole-in-one. But my sister managed to make it in 2. Haha. We also took rides at the amusement park area. For kids. Qiqi was happy!! But sadly, most rides are too small for adults. :(

I mailed out $500+ worth of books and stationery the other day. Haiz. Just packed another boxful of soft toys. Probably be at least another $100 to ship that out. I have a feeling that the money I've earned in the past year is draining out. Eelk.

Work stuff is kinda disappointing, but expected. Don't even want to talk about it. Lazy I am, but I should really try to push for a recommendation letter eh? Or not.

After all these crap, I just want to get on the phone with wx. At least, love and peace could calm my mind.

world's suckiest: badminton player.

I don't think anyone could play this sport as bad as I do.

The first time I really played badminton, straight for like a month or so, I completely lost the ability to play table tennis. (Back to zero. It's as if I've never learned that sports before. I "gave up" being a better player.)

Never quite dare to touch badminton again, until someday I started going to a nearby community center to play with my mama and sisters. And.. I hurt my neck. Could turn or tilt my head for like two weeks.

The third time I played badminton was when I came to Atlanta for winter break. That time, I hurt my right toe nail because I didn't cut my nails. It remained black for months to a year.

This is the fourth time I hurt myself in badminton. Took care of my neck and toes this time, but whack too hard and hurt my right shoulder. T_T


world's best: fish tacos. where do you find them?

Rating: ★★★★★

I've never been a fan of mexican cuisine. Growing up in Singapore, my knowledge of mexican food was: beans, burrito, Taco Bell. Maybe more if I was from a richer family. In any case, I hate beans. So bleh.

However, I admit there are good mexican food in this world after all. Taqueria del Sol. Fish tacos. No beans. Yum yum. If you ever come visit Atlanta, you must try this! Even my mama, who never enjoys any food other than her own cooked food, enjoys it. And my baba, who hates to wait, is happily willing to stand in the long line and wait. And they never take too long to serve. Great service, great food.

Heard that it's world's 3rd best.
Soft taco shell. Fresh fried fish. Mayonnaise. Jalapeño peppers.
You'll never get sick eating it. :)


Zoo Atlanta journal

Just back from the zoo!

Zoos are pretty much the same everywhere: animals staged typically includes, lions, tigers, leopards, giraffes, zebras, monkeys, rhinoceros.. add in some pretty birds and rarer animals like pandas, red pandas, or komodo dragons.. what else? Otters, penguins, crocodiles, snakes, how about some farm animals? Pigs, lambs, goats..

I think what makes a zoo fun is no longer just about the type of animals exhibited, the number and rarity, but the type of activities it encompasses, the themes, the organization, and the circulatory system. Think of how to get the people involved..

Zoo Atlanta, as well as the one in Pittsburgh, features a petting zoo area for kids. What's so exciting about viewing animals from a few hundred feet behind the fence?? Even for the most common types of animal, goats and pigs, it can become an interesting experience for people from the city. In the Pittsburgh Zoo, there are young kangaroos to pat, and an area where people could interact with deers freely.

Soooo, took some photos and few videos. Put them together in an online scrapbook! Enjoy!

P.S. No photos from Pittsburgh Zoo :( sobs.



updated: zoo trip postponed due to bad weather.

My family has been here for almost a month, my baba just arrived couple of days ago, and I have been so slacked ever since. All the work that I wanted to do part-time are on hold. Sobs. That means no money. Shipping stuff back to Singapore will cost a bomb. =( Just sold another book on Amazon, earned $65. But I still have like 8 other books waiting to get rid of. Sigh. Went to factory outlet today and I bought nothing!! woot. Only spent $9 on a little dress for Julian. (OMIGOD I just carried her for the first time just now! So small and chubby, and doesn't make a fuss when people carry her, unlike Qiqi.) Going to the zoo tomorrow. Hope it's not as unworthy as the Children's Museum we went on Tuesday. Much smaller than Pittsburgh's and not very well maintained. $11 for adults AND children. So that's how they treat children at a museum especially for them. To charge them like an adult. Why do they even bother having both adults tickets and children tickets? They're the same!