Stupid stupid stupid...

Stupid Webcams!!

So the Logitech webcam that I bought from mr. goh 3 years ago hasn't been working since last month...you know, the black/white screen. *Sigh* This weekend, my sisters came to visit me! I was sooo happy. They took me out yesterday and got me a new webcam. Logitech again. Was happily setting it up last night so that I can talk to my cute little niece on MSN, until I realized that the installation cd that came in the package contains ZERO bytes of files in it!! And I thought that my cd-rom wasn't working! Good job, Logitech. So I went to download the software from the website instead, installed it and guess what...IT'S STILL NOT WORKING. There was video image, and I could hear sounds as well, just that the MIC'S BROKEN. Two words, LOGITECH SUX. (In fact, mr. goh has a Logitech webcam as well, newer than my old one, and is also not working!)

Sad and disappointed...my sisters had to take it back to CompUSA today and ask for an exchange. We've totally lost faith in Logitech products, so got the Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 instead, same price. I was happy, it's black and looks cool, and I thought that finally I could have a working webcam.

But NO.



Midsemester break!

YAY YAY~ this feels like the last day of school today...heh but we're actually just halfway through the semester. Just had Marketing midterm yesterday, I think I did pretty well overall. :) This morning, I had a bad news presentation for Oral Comm. and I did quite well too! :D So happy me.

But there's still a lot of work to do. Well, I have to finish my written analysis for the presentation today. I have to work on the logo and web designs for Consulting Club. I have homework due next week. I need to keep working for the different group projects I have. Lots and lots and lots... And my sisters are visiting soon, so I need to figure out how to use my vacuum cleaner before that. Of course, I never miss a chance when I could just relax and have fun (myself) hee.

I was quite disappointed that I didn't get into UCC Solutions. I just got a very generic email saying that too many people applied and I wasn't selected. Disappointed because it's something that I really want to do and am excited just by thinking about it. It is frankly, I believe, the best experience that I can get in my entire college career. At the same time, I was also kinda relieved, because I'm trying to take part in multiple projects this semester, and I'm not sure if I will be able to fully devote myself to that task. Nevertheless, I'll apply again whenever they are recruiting, I can't stress how important getting into UCC Solutions is to my future.

I think I haven't been actively looking for a job recently. I submitted resumes for a few interviews. Got rejected for one. Haven't heard from the others. But I know I don't stand much chance. Those companies are top, and they only take the best people. With my current cumulative GPA, I'm not signaling to them that I'm one of the best. And although it's said that recruiters don't focus too much on GPAs, I still feel that it's a major factor, which is very disappointing. I hope they would consider major GPAs more than cumulative. At least in my case, it's not fair to look at cumulative.

It is also not fair to not consider candidates who will require sponsorship to work in the US. What, unless you are super duper good then maybe I might consider letting you come work for me? Even for internships! L'Oreal's marketing internship program requires all applicants to be US citizen or PR. And they still say they are an equal opportunity employer...yea right. Regardless of what those stupid requirements are (I don't meet the min GPA anyways), I just apply and see if I'm lucky enough to find someone who appreciates what I do. *fingers crossed*



A Lovely Smile.



Qiqi is smiling at me leh!!

Qiqi <3 me. ^////^

Such a cute little girl~
mmm...that's what I call Chibi too. :p <333 YOU!


I cook.

Started watching Cooking Master Boy again recently...and I was inspired!! All the oishi Chinese food...*DROOOOL* So I made fried rice myself!!!


Undergraduate Consulting Club

*Yosh!* I am now a member of the Publications Committee in the Undergraduate Consulting Club! There are basically just 2 members on the committee (excluding the VP): one responsible for editing the content of our monthly newsletters, the other for designing the website, all promotional materials and layout for newsletters - that's me. :)

So for the next meeting, I need to have:
*preliminary design/template for club website - theme, color scheme etc.
*possibly redesign a new club logo

Had dinner with the entire board at Sun Penang in Squirrel Hill on Sat. Pretty new and decent Southeast Asian cuisine that is near campus (and more authentic than Spice Island imo). I ordered Penang Char Kway Teow, and it tastes almost identical to the ones you can get in hawker centers in Malaysia/Singapore. Strangely, my marginal utility for char kway teow diminishes very quickly (as compared to other food, even instant noodles). It has always been so and I never knew why. Heh, took me a lot of determination to finish everything on my plate. I really should have ordered Penang Prawn Noodles instead, because that was my first choice! But I don't know what made me change my mind in the end. Still not good at socializing with people. Hope to do better at our next social event.

I'm so glad that I finally got a board position in one of the clubs I applied for this year. I really needed that title on my resume, hehe. Still haven't heard from SIFE, even though he said he would get back to me by the end of the week which was like last week. UEA still hasn't posted the list of open board positions yet. Sigh, I'm quite surprised at how inefficient some of these clubs are.

My next major submission deadline is this coming Friday (Oct 13), applying for UCC Solutions Consultant position. So exciting! UCC Solutions (formerly known as CMU Solutions) is the ONLY student-run organization (it's now part of UCC hence the change in name) that offers REAL CONSULTING EXPERIENCE. Other projects that I am currently on (UMO and SIFE) just feels like "student/school projects," but this is something...professional. It's gonna look great on my resume and definitely something awesome to highlight in coverletters/interviews, especially since I'm applying to consulting firms. I really want to get in!!

edit: Link to current UCC website.


Architecture sucks.

So I recalculated my GPA WITHOUT ALL Architecture (or Architecture-related) courses, and guess what I have a 3.51. And I'm pretty proud of myself! Everything is A A B B, except for Econ Theory, which I got a C. But Architecture? It's C C C C all the way (couple of Bs for drawing). Sigh.
I blame Architecture.

Another Friday Night Dinner

entree: rice & eggs with green beans again! chilli is always a must.
served with: bak kut teh with too much dark soy sauce
dessert: no more Jell-O...only corn left. *sniff*


Internet + TV + PS2

So excited!!
Now, I just need to get my webcam to work.....


I think my webcam is just....dead.


Attention all WoW players:

Lol, this is so damn funny!!

Click Click!