1 year to YOG

Winner no.1 of our limited edition pin: @chibiryan on Twitpic
Woot! My winning photo shot on Twitter :) Wasn't expecting this so I look kind of shaggy :s

So this was what I was at The Padang for. A limited edition pin for the 1 year countdown celebration of the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore 2010! Hurray for being the first to win the Singapore 2010 collection pin on Twitter :D


  1. oh wow. how did you mange to be the first to win the collection pin? you are quite good with such stuff, eh? hee, yes...you do look kind of worn out.

    where is 'the padang'?

  2. actually, what is twitter? i saw that you have this little retweet or something icon on the side too...

  3. the padang is at city hall mrt there.. just a big open field across the churches.

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