Cute toothbrush holders

Kawaii cartoon toothbrush holders selling at $1 in Toa Payoh Central!!

wx bought me 5 today XD

These two are for me (left) and wx (right).

& Three for my three kawaii niece - qiqi, xiaomin and xiaoyu :D

Look! I've already put up mine and wx's in my bathroom. But too bad wx doesn't have a toothbrush at my house. :(

Then I realized something was wrong with the packaging. Can you see it in the image above? Not surprisingly, these toothbrush holders are "made in China".

(Cartoon was spelt with an "h" :p)

P.S: Wanted to get the Garfield one for qiqi, but no more stock! Later, I saw someone bought the display set. Sobs, perhaps I should have done so. :(

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  1. wow! they are super cute! thanks a bunch! wx bought them for our babies? in any case, it was his thought, please thank him for us too!

    very cute. i should get a toothbrush for yy soon. heh, her 2 teeth at the bottom are about 1-2 cm showing. =p