Looking forward..

Hmm... a lot of things ah..

1) Job
I should reeeally reeally get my resume ready again. Tie up the loose ends on my current job and add that to my portfolio. Brush up the website that I tried to give it a complete look. My feel towards job searching (again)?? Is just *sigh*. Seeing that things I want to do.. things that I should pursue.. and whether I would successfully end up with any.. don't always converge to a single focal point. Perhaps the only common ground would be $$.

2) Life
Definitely a different lifestyle than now. But I wonder if it's for the better or for worse!? 4 years alone, far far from parents' reach.. I have already forgotten what it was like to live with my parents. Like erm.. being watched!? oO But the food is definitely better. *droool*

3) ♥
Hehe, 'nuff said. ~(^-^)~


Going home...

Last Monday, I finally got the chance to inform my boss of my wish to leave at the end of my OPT. So now there's a huge list of things that I need to get done in prep for my return. Yes, I am finally going home. =)



Someone sang this song to me today.

你說你愛了不該愛的人 你的心中滿是傷痕
你說你犯了不該犯的錯 心中滿是悔恨
你說你嚐盡了生活的苦 找不到可以相信的人
你說你感到萬分沮喪 甚至開始懷疑人生
早知道傷心總是難免的 你又何苦一往情深
因為愛情總是難捨難分 何必在意那一點點溫存
要知道傷心總是難免的 在每一個夢醒時分
有些事情你現在不必問 有些人你永遠不必等

Today, I shed my last tear.

I thank you. =)