[Share] Youth Marketing - Power of Gaming

Currently researching a bit on Youth Marketing for an upcoming project.

This presentation highlights the youth behavioral profile and presents several inspiring case studies on marketing to youths through games.


Oi Auntie, Don't Pull Leh.

You know those auto paper towel dispenser? You probably don't see them at all in Singapore (very rarely), but they are available in Toa Payoh Jackson Square's toilets.

How it works - there is a motion censor (small blinking red light) right at where the paper towel will come out. All you have to do is to put your hand there or wave it, and paper will start rolling out for ~3 secs the stop. Cool, you like it?

Actually, these dispensers don't seem to be very efficient. The paper often gets stuck, and for a long time, the one right by my office was unable to respond to any hand motions at all. I thought it was due to low batt or something.

Well, I think I might have found the truth today after having just saw an auntie forcefully pull an extraordinarily long piece of towel out of that poor machine THRICE!! I could hear the machine's screeching sound as she did that again and again. So I said, "eh auntie, u noe how to use one not? the machine will spoil if you keep pulling liddat!"

Oki, I lied. I didn't say that to her. :p I just stared at her barbaric behavior from the mirror. Maybe I should help the management put up a sign on the dispenser to teach people how to use it properly: DO NOT PULL.

- posted from my iWee :)