BK Spicy Chicken vs. McSpicy!?

Spicy Tendercrisp Rating: ★★
McSpicy Rating: ★★★★

So I was making my way to McDonalds last Thursday to check out the Happy Meal toy-of-the-day (qiqi was missing #7 of the Cinnamoroll series), I passed by Burger King and saw the ad: "Spicy meets Crispy." I thought, how can I not give it a try? It's like a BK version of McSpicy!! :D

Being a McSpicy Lover, I was eager to see if BK's new Spicy Tendercrisp was anywhere comparable to McD's McSpicy. Well, turned out that it wasn't. Not at all.

McSpicy's spicy chicken is just much spicier, crispier, more tender, and juicier. And bit simpler too: just the chicken, some lettuce and tartar. BK's Spicy Tendercrisp added in tomatoes. Bad pick IMO: tomato juice spoiled the taste of the chicken for me.

P.S. This was the Cinnamoroll series from McD's Happy Meal. Qiqi simply loves the "milo" color ones.


  1. I have the one with chicken nuggets, and i really want the one with the hamburger! <3

  2. hehe McD always good at getting crowds to collect their toys - they are just too cute! i remember queuing up before McD opens just to buy their Hello Kitty dolls!