Chibi's Favorite Spots

Spot 1:
On top of my work...

Spot 2:
On top of boxes...

Spot 3:
On top of clean laundry...

Spot 4:
On top of dirty laundry...

Spot 5:
She's still on my desk.

My Dinner

entree: 1 small piece of "grilled" pork chop + boiled carrots + eggs with green beans
served with: egg noodles with lots of chilli + sesame oil + bit dark soy sauce
dessert: Jell-O!!


Eat Me!

Tis the Season of Strawberries
Sha-la-la-la-la~ La-la-la-la~

Isn't it so? :D
Bright red strawberries calling out to you with their candy sweet fragrance...you just cannot resist!

ok, they weren't as sweet as they looked. :(



Now Playing:

After several unsuccessful attempts *blah blah blah*, I finally get to listen to his latest album 依然范特西!! YAY~!!!!!!!!! I AM REALLY REALLY HAPPY, I CAN'T STOP SMILING :))))))))) Seriously, I want to thank my sister for letting me *ah-hem* the songs from her.

Listening to the album for the second time...
I can't help but notice how unique his voice, the way he sings....

The music is the 周杰倫 style...which makes this song sound weird because he sings it with 費玉清. Their styles are so different ("chinese" vs. "cool") you would never think of putting the two of them together. Although I must say that this is still a very nice song.

Ehh...I shall skip my comments on this.

This is my favorite song on the album, followed by the first (夜的第七章) which had a very nice prelude. This one is more like 藉口 and 擱淺 imo.

A very very cute song....and quite funny in the way he sings, esp. the "哼哼哈兮" is so different from in 雙截棍 as if it has lost all its energy. The ending is awesome too, the way he says "唉呦". And apparently, he was borned knowing how to play a guitar, lol.

Another slow song, with a beautiful tune...

I <3 the chorus melody, hence it's a 5-star song on iTunes for me.

Hmm...Seductive? Hehe.

Last song on the album...has a very "china" taste in it.

Overall, this is another love-it 周杰倫 album. Maybe I'm just biased because it's 周杰倫, but who cares. IT'S STILL 周杰倫!
And if you are too a 周杰倫 fan like me and enjoy singing his songs, you can find lyrics here. :D


The beginning of a stressful journey...

I never thought it is going to be this tough. But now I do. I was enthusiastic about everything. But now I am not. All the stress from meeting job application deadlines, preparing for career fairs and presentations, while still keeping up with homework due dates is starting to have a negative effect on me.

I want to keep myself on top of things, to plan ahead and start early on assignments. But as I'm trying to do so, I realized I'm not a person who performs normally under pressure. What makes things worse is that when I'm stressed, I tend to move further away from what I'm supposed to be doing, and seek "pleasure" instead. *which then creates more stress for me as the deadline comes nearer, which then makes me feel worse, which then makes me want to escape reality again...which.........!!!*

Here's my way of seeking "pleasure": watching anime, movies, sitcoms or dramas, sometimes singing. This weekend, I started watching some old anime again: Chibi Maruko-chan and Fushigi Yuugi for the 4th time *hurray*!

Few BIG things on my To-Do list:
1) BOC this Wednesday: meet with Evelyn + submit to resume book + print resumes
2) UMO interview this Thursday
3) McKinsey deadline Sep. 24 Oct. 1
4) Recruiting presentation + analysis Sep. 26 28
5) Loreal Brandstorm Weekend registration Oct. 4
6) 2 midterms on Oct. 6




What do you do with chicken heads?

A) eat them;
B) sell them so others can eat them;
C) throw them away; or
D) open and close their eye lids and beaks.


Activities Fair

Went to Activities Fair yesterday with MissSarajevo and kennethihi. As expected, it was fully packed with people. The Activities Board was giving out rubber duckies to ppl who signed up! (Translation: give out your email add., get the duckie, then turn on spam filter *wink*)

The 3 of us signed up for every single business organizations at CMU: Undergrad. Finance Association (UFA), American Marketing Association (AMA), Consulting Club, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), Undergrad. Investment Club (UIC), Carnegie Mellon Business Association (cmBA), and Undergrad. Entrepreneurship Association (UEA).

Well, I realized that the Undergrad. Marketing Organization (UMO) was not there. Does it even exist now??

Some of you may know, I joined UMO as Co-director of Web Design last semester. I was supposed to be working with another girl on a website for the org. And I felt kinda bad. We had ONE meeting, and that was it. We were supposed to come up with mock-ups of a banner for the website. And she was supposed to send me the dimensions for a standard banner. Well...supposedly, that was how we were going to cooperate, she on the technicality and me on the design. But we never communicated since that meeting. I never got her email and eventually, I forgot/gave up completely. Nonetheless, I did work on a couple of mock-ups. This was my latest version:

I also signed up for some projects. But only got a couple of emails from one project, both of which I wasn't able to attend their meetings. And for the rest of the semester (this applies to MissSarajevo who joined the club with me), I never heard from them again. Should I even ask about what happened to the organization?

So today was the first general body meeting for SIFE...
I must say this is the best business organization on campus. They were in some national competition last semester and won many many awards! I'm senior already, and really I haven't done anything that's worth putting on my resume. So it's really time to get involved in something before it's too late. I also needed something for my 70-201 Professional Service Project in order to graduate next sem. SIFE is the best choice. There were many project leader positions open for application, but I am no leader person. Although it's good for my resume, I hate being a leader. Naturally, I set my eye on one of the "leadership" positions in the committee. You know what it is....Design Chair!!! Boy I was so glad they had that position open, together with IT Chair (responsible for making and maintaining the website). Personally, I'd love to be IT Chair as well, but I know my limits. I can't code no matter how much I want to. *weeps* Oh well, so I'll probably get an interview with them this weekend. I really want the job. GIVE IT TO ME!!!

Also looking forward to the first AMA meeting on Monday! Marketing is what I really wanna do! Hehe good stuff for my resume :)

P.S: Just picked this up from Cat (haven't talked to her like years!) >////<


| Ph0R|\/| L337 |3R|74||\|!!

Sadly, despite having known mr. goh for almost 4 years, I realized that the mr. goh I know is actually not the real mr. goh.


mr. goh: why dun u go to the cluster?
me: wanted to go to the apple cluster
me: but they have class
mr. goh: bollocks
me: not bullocks?
mr. goh: no
me: is BO?
mr. goh: it's B O L L O C K S
mr. goh: BOL-LOCKS

me: ok ok ok
mr. goh: bloody hell
me: OK DEAR!!!
me: you dun have to talk in british terms
mr. goh: wot? u dun fancy me talking like that?
me: LOL
me: ya i don fancy you toking like that
mr. goh: blimey! i always thought u fancy a bloke like me

me: btw what should i eat for lunch later?
me: you know they took big o away?
me: kinda sad
mr. goh: blasphemy1
me: i thought it's better than the one in oakland
me: what's dat?
mr. goh: blasphemy means that the sch campus be damned for taking Big O away
me: ok...................
me: so what should i eat then?
mr. goh: so u're going to ditch me for lunch?

mr. goh: u think i easy to bluff issit? dun play play
me: noooooooo lol
mr. goh: lim pei eat salt more than u eat rice ok
me: dear....
me: wat's wrong with you
me: first british now singaporean
mr. goh: coz it's hax0r and i'm l33t
me: hax0r?
me: what's that mean?
mr. goh: 17 /\/\34|\|5 1'/\/\ 700 900D Ph0R j00Z
me: wth (roll)
mr. goh: don't u understand my leet speak?
me: .........................................

mr. goh: 17 /\/\34|\|5 1'/\/\ 700 900D Ph0R j00Z = it means i'm too good for you
me: ;) ahhh got it

mr. goh: j00Z 907 70 L34r|\| L337 $P34|< $0 U (4|\| 74L|< 70 /\/\3 7|-|1$ \/\/4'/
me: $0 \/\/h47 4R3 7h3 RuL3$ Ph0R L337 $P34|mr. goh: \/\/3LL d0|\|3! 1'/\/\ $0 pr0UD 0Ph j00Z
me: 7h4|\||<$ :)

mr. goh: btw, i juz read abt this place that serves out of the world pudding, think u might be interested
mr. goh: http://www.kennysia.com/archives/2006/07/best_mango_pudd.php
mr. goh: i'm salivating......
me: oooh cheh
me: i had that
mr. goh: WHAT?!?!
mr. goh: U HAD THAT??????

mr. goh: 1 $|-|4LL dr0\/\/|\| /\/\'/ $0rr0\/\/$ 1|\| L337 $P34|<

mr. goh: check this out, i found the content quite amusing http://www.kennysia.com/archives/2006/08/madeinchina_dvd.php
me: that IS quite funny
mr. goh: kenny sia is a very funny blogger
mr. goh: this one got me burst out in laughters http://www.kennysia.com/archives/2006/09/about_the_18yea.php

mr. goh: anyway i have a confession to make
me: wat?
mr. goh: /\/\'/ L337 5P34|< (0|\|\/3R73R http://www.brenz.net/l337Maker.asp


Chibi in class!

An Oral Communications Production



I did my best :P