My chibi ger is sick. :(

update: she seems alright now le bah. :p

Bladder infection, it seems. Just took her to the vet today and got medicine.. tablet + syrup. She disappeared after I forced down the tablet in her. Heh now she's back again! Gotta look out for a chance to feed her the syrup le. Hee..

Bleh.. Not as successful as I did with the tablet. It should have been easier since I did it with the syringe, but didn't lift her head high enough and ended up spilling some on the floor. Hehe, she doesn't seem happy with me. :p


Jobs search VI

Whew. At last! A temporary financial relief coming from Cellcity. [recall]

3 months contract starting Dec (next week). If all goes well, I should get a permanent contract by Feb. Pay is not too great. (wx keeps complaining plus it's less than what I earned before) But jobs are really hard to come by these days you know. =\ I hope the work style here would help me learn more from my job than my previous company.

For a start, I am finally getting my own computer this Saturday!!



Still no jobs yet. So I spent some time ironing out my website/portfolio and surfing a little online hoping to find some freelancing opportunities! :p Moved to a free host, but *a-hem* apparently the server has been down since yesterday. Can't complain too much since it's totally money free and ads free too!

I've been home myself for the most time this week, but not much progress on the actual job search. Heh that's bad news. Everyday just go by so quickly. Studying in Singapore is not that cheap afterall for non-citizens. Getting a job is my only choice now, but a tough one. *Fingers pointing @relief teaching* Sigh. I started the application sometime ago, but was interrupted to do something else. Then it completely slipped my mind. Not sure if I saved my app last time. :\

Just got a call, think Tue, from TOUCH replying to my volunteering app. I hope they can find something for me to do in the meantime. Cuts down the nagging. :p

♥ Found this cat that looks just like my chibi! Hehe the size kinda fits too!


Jobs searching V

So Cellcity finally called back on Mon and arranged another meeting with me for Tue. Later that day, I got a call from Home Nursing Foundation for an interview on the same day! Wee~ I think the interviews went okay. At least they were more interested in my application than Photonitech, and even took the time to explain/show what they do and who they need.

Cellcity is a growing small mobile communications company. Neat idea to compile a one-stop Singapore living/lifestyle/city guide for the mobile generation. Well now, they are looking for a web marketing person to help them manage web activities and promotions more effectively. Very much like the things I did back in Innovolt. The lady was very nice. She's the Director for the Asia Marketing dept. Told me a lot about their future business developments and business models. Hehe, she's also good at marketing her product to her interviewee. Let me tested the city guide on her cellphone. Quite a diversity, I believe, among the employees in the office.

It was quite an interesting first interaction with charitable organizations and much contrast to the previous job description. More hands-on, and more events planning and marketing. I've never given much thought about going into this industry. But it doesn't sound like an easy job to do, like getting sponsorships, might even be tougher than selling a commercial product. I guess the lady understood that I'm a fresh grad and still looking out for options/alternatives. She gave me a pretty good idea of VWO's job nature. "So.. why Home Nursing Foundation and not other VWOs?"


Volunteering heat

"Inspired" by my sister and brother-in-law..

I decided to squeeze part of my precious idling time to do some volunteer work! *applause* ^____________________^)v

Just signed up with TOUCH's TCD (TOUCH Character Development) and Singapore Youth Olympics 2010. Figured it'll be more fun volunteering behind-the-scenes, developing/promoting programs for the children/youths, than what I used to do in high school. :p

Hee.. I also signed up for xx. ♥ (P.S. SEE, I got mention you! :D)

And.. I'm also developing an interest in green-earth programs (eg. CGS) and general youth networks (eg. Youth.sg).

I wonder how long I can keep up with this degree of self-awareness.. :p


Jobs searching IV

I can't believe this is how people here work. I called the office twice today but nobody answered. Sent an email but got no replies. Least I expect a polite reply to turn down my application. I guess it's because they don't really care whether one more candidate showed up for an interview or not. So an email just comes in, throwing in a date, time, and location, asking people to come in the NEXT day for an interview. At least with such a SHORT notice, I would appreciate a phone call to make sure the person got the message! Can't assume I would check my emails few times a day, and not like I know when the recruiters are emailing back to me. Sigh.


I just lost an interview! :'( I received an email on Tue (11/4) to come for an interview on Wed (11/5). But I only checked my emails today (11/6)!! HOW!?

Plus, it's a marcom position.. AHHHHH HELPPP!


Jobs searching III

GAWD! Erjie just pointed out a super 大蛋白 thing on my resume.. I mistakenly wrote $880 (half-month pay) as my FULL monthly salary instead of $1760!!! T_T.. Sobssss. That's a huuuuge difference! In SGD, the rightful amount is $2.5k+!! Not $1.2k+!! AHHHHH~~ And I've already sent out 30 over applications with the stupid wrong info. =(((((( Hope it didn't impose a fatal impression on my app. Haizzz.