Life's 1st Dean's List

Woke up early to check my grades and.....
I got 4 As!!! Production, MIS, Finance too!
Hehe, I know to the many geeks/scholars/muggers out there, 3.6 is not great, but this is my first semester with GPA above 3.5, and good enough for Dean's List, YAY!!! This also means 4 BIG presents from mr. goh.

random edit:
- So surprisingly, my finals were all better than I thought...LOL
- Next semester, aiming for another dean's list to bump my cumulative gpa to >3!! GoGo!
- Just watched a great GATech basketball game. I should come here to study grad school...I'm such a Yellow Jackets fan. :]
- Jan 9 for GMAT! 720!
- Finally listed with an Archi minor...
- Final Spring07 schedule
- Am in Atlanta now, in case you still didn't catch it...
- Getting a haircut tomorrow...plus dim sum to celebrate my once in a lifetime honor. :P
- Laterz.


3 months old chicken breast...

...can be turned into CURRY CHICKEN!! Meal of the day: Curry chicken rice with potatoes. Does it look oishi to you? :P


Korean Drama FRENZY!

From Autumn Tale to Goodbye My Love...Winter Sonata to Full House, I have already watched 4 korean dramas. And I can't stop!! Only Goong left. Summer Scent is not downloading...and Spring Waltz has no subtitles (only realized after I finished dled the entire series. doesn't appear to be good either.)

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Autumn Tale - SWOLLEN EYES
Goodbye My Love - SAD
Winter Sonata - WET FACE
Full House - WET EYES (quite funny too :])

Leaving for Atlanta next Wed, will have lots of things to do/take care of. For instance, I need to study for GMAT, prepare grad school applications (essayss argh), work on 70-201 service project essay..................make time to sing karaoke, play tennis/table tennis/basketball..................this korean drama frenzy will have to stop. I don't even think I would have time to play Diablo II with mr. goh. Need a longer break leh.

edit: Goong is gone too. :[


O...O [目瞪口呆的我]

What's for next sem?

So unlucky. One of my classes for Spring 2007 is cancelled again. First, Product Management. Now, Real Time Decisions with Resource Planning Systems. Why like that? :[

To be continued...