Getting on with work...

I'm slowly accepting that there are certain things I can't control. At the same time, feeling more relieved as things may not turn out as bad as I imagined. But, I will never know what's in store for me in the future. Good or bad.

I'm actually getting happier at work these days. Got some great accompany here in the office. They realized that they missed my birthday last week. So this Wednesday, they bought me a cake, a card and flowers, and even sang me a birthday song in the office.

Thank you Blanche, for making all these happen. You may not know how much impact this had on me *A LOT* when I was still feeling so miserable about my birthday. Especially that redeemable coupon for 2 round trip air tickets...it really meant a lot to me. Truthfully.

I'll be earning extra bucks from one of my bosses soon. He has his other company website that needs some revamping. Yay, more $$!


Happy Birthday to me.

So I guess I still have some birthday luck despite being so blue and lethargic lately.
1. I got 5 Primal Mights in one transmute. (altho it hasn't proc-ed for ages >.<)
2. Innovolt website hits for Jan 14 is 986. Unbelievable. That's like 4 times the usual!

Maybe...just maybe...my birthday wish can come true?


I'm 23. >.< Finally feeling old about myself. Yet still so naive.
mr. goh messaged me today and he called me a "stubborn and stupid cow". Oh well.

My birthday wish:
I want to lead a simple life with that someone I love...forever.








Recently, I've been looping these old Leo Koo songs on my iPod every night on my bed. Nothing extraordinary about the tune...but I was especially attentive to the lyrics (there are some similarities) because they really spelled out my feelings these days. Supposedly happy, but with a tinge of sadness.

=*= 喜欢 =*=
喜欢你的头发 喜欢你的脸颊 喜欢你微笑的时候眼里藏不住的光
喜欢你的害羞 喜欢你的疯狂 想要一天二十四个小时守在你身旁
喜欢开你玩笑 喜欢叫你傻瓜 喜欢吓你一跳的时候看你慌张的模样
喜欢搭你肩膀 喜欢你会怕痒 喜欢趁你没有防备偷袭你的手指甲
想要抱你一下 贴紧我的胸膛 想要告诉你这样下去不是办法
想要把你绑架 想要带你回家 想要非常认真严肃的承诺地老天荒
思念你令我惊慌 想到你令我膨胀 你的每个笑容都会令我幸福的快爆炸
见你的时候 总是说些傻乎乎的蠢话 令我随时随地频临疯狂

=*= 嗜好 =*=
晚上想去山顶数星星 还是想要赶场电影 懒得动没有劲 宁可赖在家里 只要你高兴什么都行
你说公司最近不景气 我说你失业我养你 你抱我好用力 差点不能呼吸 在爱里被需要是种最美的甜蜜
我的嗜好就是看你撒娇 你想要的我都尽量做得到 有多费力劳心都不重要 心里全都是幸福的味道
嗜好就是将你拥抱 要做你最暖和的依靠 总是想替你烦恼 想代替你感冒 舍不得你失去微笑

=*= 好想好想 =*=
好想好想和你在一起 和你一起数天上的星星 收集春天的细雨
好想好想和你在一起 听你诉说古老的故事 细数你眼中的情意
好想 好想 好想 好想 好想好想和你在一起
踏遍万水千山 走遍海角天涯 让每一个日子 都串连成我们最美丽 最美丽的回忆
好想好想和你在一起 并肩看天边的落日 并肩听林间的鸟语

P.S: There's another song which I would add to this playlist if not for its different style, Jay Chou's 彩虹.