Final Rush

Counting down: 2 days 2 hours 9 mins

I'm on page 2 (out of 8) of my history research paper, which was supposed to be due like a month ago. Time really flies...I thought I could hand it in a little late as usual. But weeks went by before I even realized I still have the unfinished paper with me, and all the overdue library books lying underneath my desk. I feel so stupid for trying to take 6 classes this semester. It's just not my style to work myself to the fullest. I should have dropped the course before it's too late.

Architecture (the history course that I'm dreading now is American architectural history)...I finally had a talk with mr. kennethihi last night on MSN. Wow he's really not doing well. He may not be one of the top archi students in our year, but he has certainly put in a lot of effort, last year and this semester. Yet, his hard work has never paid off. Makes me feel that Architecture is a fluke. What's so great about it? What's the BIG difference between the projects that got an A and the projects that were discredited as crap or R. We're all students, we're all trying to improve ourselves, but we all have DIFFERENT ideas and we present them differently. What makes the "difference" become the line between pass and fail? Drawings are not as good? Yea, maybe. But there were some so-called "good" projects that I didn't think had good drawings.

I can't speak up for myself, like I am for kennethihi. Because I know I don't deserve an argument here. I didn't really put in the effort or the perseverance that I had when I was in first year. I hated the process, getting to studio spending hours there and having nothing done, or have something in the end but something real crappy. It was really a pain in the a**. But I thought it was just me, not made for architecture. Until recently, I realized how much I actually disliked architecture. Not because I couldn't do it well, but because it just didn't feel as superior as it had appealed to me 2 years back. I regretted for not realizing earlier and wasted another year in hell.

As I'm writing this, I'm in Orient Express trying to stuff the remaining of the fish ball noodles and pearl milk tea down my throat. Feel so much like puking now. (-_-||)

Taking my last exam tomorrow, Optimization. The only class that I can proudly say I will get an A on. Biz Comm. is another class that I've been doing well, but I'm not sure if they're going to count the ## absences against my grade. Nooooooo!

Dinner tomorrow night with kennethihi! :)
EDIT: MissSarajevo is coming too haha the archi drop-outs gathering :p
Sign the lease for my new apartment.
And of course, MUST complete my paper by that time.
Then pack my stuff and get ready to go home!

I hope all the best for kennethihi. Don't worry, I'm sure your parents will understand you. You've done your best!

Edit: C for Econ Theory.........sigh

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