2nd Life Achievement

So my first life achievement was the dean's list last semester. Here comes the second. Well, maybe third cuz in a sense, I gotta consider getting a job interview from attending a College of Fine Arts career fair another once in a life time thing. Seriously, people of my aptitude...what more can I ask for?

Now...I gotta give myself a pat on the head for achieving such unexpectedly good results. GMAT!! Can you believe it? For someone who has never done well academically...someone whose cumulative GPA < 3.0...someone who got a low 490 on the first GMAT exam...can actually obtain a 700 score on the second attempt! I couldn't believe my eyes! Seems like lady luck was with me when I thought it was wandering elsewhere. ^__^

An original happy day has turned into a blue blue night. Tsk..moods can change so drastically and suddenly too. Gotta work on some internship stuff for tomorrow. Can't believe ow depressing this could be...T__T

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