I am pwned.

It's the last week of school and I'm really very extremely absolutely stressed. This is probably the most stressful week in my entire college life! I never thought graduation would be so stressful...I thought it would be more like a relaxing last semester in school. Sigh~

On the bright side, once I get everything done and over with, I can plunge once more into the World of Warcraft! Hopefully early next week. ^_^ Planned out my class, talents, and professions: bloodelf priest, shadow specced, jewelcrafting and mining. mr. goh will be a bloodelf hunter, noob specced, alchemy and herbalism. Will be fun! This is the only thing I can look forward to give me the energy to survive through this damn week.

P.S: Had the last Management Game class today. Saddens me. T_T

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