Looking forward..

Hmm... a lot of things ah..

1) Job
I should reeeally reeally get my resume ready again. Tie up the loose ends on my current job and add that to my portfolio. Brush up the website that I tried to give it a complete look. My feel towards job searching (again)?? Is just *sigh*. Seeing that things I want to do.. things that I should pursue.. and whether I would successfully end up with any.. don't always converge to a single focal point. Perhaps the only common ground would be $$.

2) Life
Definitely a different lifestyle than now. But I wonder if it's for the better or for worse!? 4 years alone, far far from parents' reach.. I have already forgotten what it was like to live with my parents. Like erm.. being watched!? oO But the food is definitely better. *droool*

3) ♥
Hehe, 'nuff said. ~(^-^)~

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