dan bai.

dan bai. in chinese is 蛋白. dear says 蛋白 is transparent. so if you are a dan bai, i'm saying that you have a transparent brain (ie. no brain). haizz.. my hunny was a super big one today. dear has a busy week ahead.. so today was our only chance for a bit of a 二人世界. but dear has to spoil it. T_T

he was supposed to bring me to a few job agencies to submit my resume. ParkLANE mall it is.. but he took me to Park Mall!!! zzz told him to make a list le lor.. T_T plus we had a late start earlier on.. took an unplanned nap till 1pm+, failed to submit resumes online, headed out 3pm+ and it was pouring heavily. took a cab instead, then got caught in traffic. reached at 4pm+ and realized we got to the wrong mall. D: 4:30pm and there were 5-6 others waiting for a cab. GGnated.


i was furious and decided to go home. skipped dinner too. dear had to take a sandwiched bus back home.. alone. :\ sorry dear ><>


  1. hee, sounded like a nasty day. you probably scolded him quite a bit, unintentionally blamed him for your lack of planning (naps and seriously, job search is mostly your own shit).
    take it easy somedays, probably. set weekly goals. that way if you messed up a day by taking a nap, you make up for it the next by having to do more.
    don't take cab to places, i would say. they are expensive and most times unnecessary. plan ahead is more effective. when you really need a cab (at the end of a day, tired and wanna go home earlier), there's almost always a queue for one. heh, probably still better than the gas shortage problem we have here in atlanta. =p

    pelvic bone area very painful these days. the rush to and from school is not helping. the ever gaining heavy baby is not helping. my insistence to continue daily exercise is not helping. left nipple sore and bleeding not helping. the inefficient maintenance not giving me a functioning washer not helping. but i still insist on getting everything done my way. always look forward to additional bed rest over the weekend.

    life is a bumpy road. nobody is responsible for the bumps on my route and i know i can take the hit.

    good day to you lah. =p

  2. meh. jus a small random thing la... u have so much to say. hee me making full use of my small tv in the room nowadays.. play movie and doze off at night.

  3. erm, thought you don't watch much tv? =p
    heh, armanios returned me my thesis today. just need to make some minor corrections then can go ahead with the defense. yay!
    waiting for my last committee member to respond then i can schedule a date!

    haa, 10 years...me gonna end my life as a student soon!

    erm, you got go job agency not? can get ma to go with you. am sure she'll be happy to go along. she quite smart about locating places too. hee