big birds.

JURONG BIRDPARK! (photos later)

..Is actually quite exciting, compared to the zoo. But most parents would probably pick zoo over birdpark for a greater variety of animals. Honestly, I enjoyed the bird shows much more than I did with the elephants show, which was more traditional and common in other zoos as well.

Birds of Prey. Totally loved it. Feel the falcons and vultures swoosh pass just above your head! Took me by surprise twice as I thought it was going to smash right into my face. Haha, the birds weren't that stupid of course, but that was how close and swift they were.

Birds n Buddies. Though not as exciting as the Birds of Prey, the grand entrance of a flock of Greater Flamingos made it just as spectacular. Also listen to the parrot sing in 3 languages (客人来, Rasa Sayang, Happy Birthday)!

Lory Loft. Enjoy close encounters with 1,000 lories! Great for photo-taking too. For $3 a cup, you get to feed them their favorite *unknown* juice!

Pelican Cove. Did you know the largest breed of pelicans (Dalmatian Pelicans) weigh about 40kg and can fly 40 times the height of the Statue of Liberty?? Despite their huge and bulky looks, they actually weigh less than me ye. :p

When was the last time you visited the birdpark?

I think mine was way back when I was still in primary school. I could still remember that my P2 holiday assignment was to visit the Jurong Birdpark. I got up early that morning, and was so excited about the fishballs mom was preparing for me, that I kept pacing around the house. But just as I was making a turn into the kitchen, my dad was on his way out with boiling hot water for his tea. I bumped into him. >< Hot water spilled and scalded my neck. Poor me. I had to attend my abacus sessions in school throughout the whole holiday with a big bandage on my neck. :( And it was excruciatingly painful whenever the doctor had to clean out my wound and change a new bandage. *sniff*

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