Feb events

Hmm... been over a month eh. Been busy with other stuff and also somewhat lazy to update here.

Last weekend, I treated my family to a game of indoor minigolf @Lilliputt! I thought it was quite expensive considering the size of the place. :S $18/adult and $12/child. Good thing is you get 10% discount for using Amex and 20% discount for the baby-of-the-month (Feb babies). Totals out to $90 for 5 adults and 1 2yr+ child. (Yes, 2yr is charged the same rate as a 12yr.) There used to be an outdoor minigolf place in Sentosa, Sijori Wondergolf. Cheap, only $10/adults and $7/child! But sadly, it's under construction work now. :( So Lilliputt was our only choice left.

It's located in East Coast Parkway at the Big Splash. In fact, it's right next to the Road Safety Community Park. That was my favorite when I was young. I wonder if they let adults participate as well? Would look so stupid eh.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, the Road Safety Park is like a treasure hunt game about road safety. It's designed with roads, traffic lights, and various designated checkpoints. The idea is to teach school children the correct road safety rules, as either pedestrians or cyclists, while traveling to all the checkpoints and collecting validation stamps on the route card. I went there twice when in pri sch because I did well on the first. ^___^)v

It's Valentine's Day! :D Going off to Sentosa with wx in 6 hours time! ♥!!

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  1. haven't spoken to you in a while. how are you? i feel tired today. feels, yet again, as if time has come to a standstill and the lives of people around just flashes by. maybe that's why you feel very distant all of a sudden.
    it's almost as if i had ran on a treadmill, forgetting to stop...and to everyone who caught a glimpse of me, they saw a small slice of me and inappropriately concluded that was me...you wonder who is wise enough to realise that having ran all this while, i too get tired, i too...am mortal.