"Chiong Arh!" - The MRT Crowd

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Found this video on YouTube: Hitler complains about the ERP and MRT. LOL

Since young, from when I hopped on my first MRT train in Singapore, I have been taught to "Stand BEHIND the YELLOW line." And SMRT is very conscious and idiot-friendly with this issue, that they constantly broadcast the same safety messages (Please stand behind the yellow line.) in 4 different languages regularly.

You would think that this is the common sense, at least a common practice for one's own personal safety. But on my way home from Jurong to AMK yesterday, I realized that that wasn't actually so. In fact, quite commonly MISinterpreted as I witnessed people stepping FORWARD (pass the yellow line) right when they saw the train arriving. And even though the train was slowing down already, it was still moving at quite a high speed. And you know the Jurong East train station is those open kind, ie. no glass doors separating the tracks and the platform like the ones in most downtown (underground) areas. I was shocked and worried at the same time for those people whose face/body were almost literally against the moving train.

The "yellow line" is there for an obvious reason: it's to keep a safe distance between you and the tracks, in case you lose your grounds and fall off the platform etc. WARNING: It does not mean the line of pawning others in getting a seat first.

Chiong ah! is the spirit of the MRT ninjas. Very simple, MRT ninjas just don't like to lose out. They like to be the first of everything, such as
1) Getting into the MRT station 1st: they want to scan their ezlink card first
2) Boarding the train 1st: they don't mind standing until the train comes as long as they get to stand right in front of where the train doors will be - who cares about those yellow arrows on the floor, they even want to beat the people alighting from the train!
3) Getting a seat 1st: provided that the train wasn't too packed already and achieving #2 greatly increases their chances of achieving #3 as well
4) Alighting the train 1st: don't be afraid to scream "excuse me!" and experience a little pushing, or you might not make it through to the door!
5) Arrive at the next boarding platform 1st: interchanges are usually the biggest challenges of all for MRT ninjas as they need to overcome the boarding crowd plus the escalator crowd before they can reach the opposite platform for transit (#4 becomes extremely impt here)
6) Exiting the station 1st: again, whoever scans their ezlink card first wins!

Tip for MRT ninjas:
Do you know that in basketball there is a technique to getting the best rebounding position? Well it is actually a very important skill for the MRT ninjas during transits. Often times, due to the time your current train arrives at the station, there might have been a small crowd gathered along the opposite platform. But don't worry! Keep yourself calm, as soon as you get to the other side, don't panic, just stop slightly before and next to the 1st in line...

Now You're 1st!! :D

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