@ IMU, June 15-22

Now that the ad:tech show is over, I've got something even more exciting in store for me, starting next week. :)

I can't believe it. This is like the ultimate opportunity I can get to learn all about this whole online marketing thing at once. & it's FREE! The best thing about online courses is how everything can be archived. Makes it very convenient for people from different countries and time zones to participate. Students and professors can come together to form "study groups" on the forums and even use Twitter during class time to live-stream their questions, answers and ideas using the hashtag #IMU.

Have very high expectations for this program. A great training experience, and a chance to "interact" with industry experts like Chris Brogan. Also has a certification exam which adds immense value to this program.

Class schedule online.

Will blog more about the process when the courses start.

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  1. heh, glad that you are taking an active role in learning! the best part about conferences for me is the keynote speeches!! so you definitely got the highlight of the day.
    you have always been good, albeit slower, in reading and learning. i'm sure you'll enjoy your 1 wk course! if you are interested, you can always hunt out a good school in singapore (or anywhere!) that teaches that it..then apply!