walk for cause.

Well well.. I've never done any thing of this kind before, as I claim to be an 'apathetic' person. But I did it! And I did two Sundays of 6.6km walking in preparation for today.

The idea:
The social media is quite a charm in this aspect of 'influence', I must say. I've heard so many events being talked about online, from pinkdot to tweetups and twestival, but I never once participated in any. Except for the Singapore Youth Olympic Games countdown celebration, which I only showed up for 5 mins to get my collection pin. So this is really my first. I got interested, plus drawn in by the PINK tees, plus I figured that this would be a good opportunity (motivation!) for me to start building my health, plus my mom was complaining that she was always busy with the babies and hadn't had the time to exercise at all, so I thought I would pull her along on this event - for personal reasons, you know, at the very least.

What actually happened:
And so she finally agreed to join me in the walk. I went to collect our goodie bags with the pink tees last Friday. Realized afterwards that the tees were made real tight! I barely managed to fit in a size M, and the largest size L (for my mom) is literally just 1cm longer and 0.3cm wider zzz And non-exchangeable too :( Turns out this morning that my mom couldn't come along because she wasn't able to get any sleep the whole night. Boo.

So I went with my dad. He was supposed to "substitute" my mom, but he was too, should I say, shy to join in officially (you will see why). The walk was a lot more tiring than usual! Lots and lots of participants - mostly women. First, we had to overtake at least 50 peeps to get a comfortable distance and pace. Second, my old man is really fast :o barely keeping up with his speed. At the end of the walk, my calves felt as if they'd been carrying ten tonnes of weight on the road. Good thing was, we were welcomed with Swensen's ice-cream (+ 25% off Reebok & free disposable razors) ! And this was where my dad failed. He thought it embarrassing to get himself an ice-cream because he didn't register for the walk, in theory. DOH! I even asked him if he wanted one (assuming that I would be getting it for him if he had said "yes") but he shook his head. Then when we were talking about it at home, he admitted that he wanted that ice-cream. Wasted lah! -_-

Still had quite a few vouchers from the goodie bags we got. Complimentary foot massage, spa, body treatment etc. Time to plan a relaxing weekend!

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  1. haa, ba is so cute. next time just get one for him too. he wouldn't want an ice-cream to go to waste so he'll eat it. =p

    goon!! what's wrong with you? how come you so much worse than baba? ah...