Christmasly presence @ Cellcity

Had a little fun today putting up some deco around the office with Patty!

From the big Cellcity logo at the entrance...

To a ding dong bell at our desks...

Lots have changed over the past year, we worked on tight budgets and we watched our products developed into something better.

Sometimes I wonder why we continue to stay on during the down turns. I had trouble but I had fun too. :) Just hoping for a better outcome I guess?

May we all have a great Christmas.

1 comment:

  1. you sound like some of my students. =p

    most things have a percentage of good and bad. different reasons have to be prioritize to determine rationally whether staying is worthwhile. (ah, beethoven #5 symphony finally waking me up a little!!)
    in your case, whether you are getting paid enough for the level of living you want should determine the long term prospects of your stay with the company. i barely get by paying for what i am willing to concede as minimal survival with yu here. can't afford to pay for occasional visits to mechanic, let alone pamper my loved ones or myself. that is not sufficient by my definition so i have to search for something else and work hard at making sure that i will be competent at the that next level.

    life is not too difficult, eh? just require more planning as one gets older.