A little Google surprise (trick)

I was told that I would find a little surprise if I try to type the words below in Google.

Follow these instructions carefully until the surprise happens for you, don't skip or read through them first!

1. Go to Google homepage

2. Type d in the search box ('D' or 'd' doesn't matter)

3. Type o

4. Hit 'spacebar' once

If the surprise still hasn't happened yet, continue on...

5. Type a

See it yet? Maybe a little bit more...

6. 'Spacebar'

7. Type b

You should be able to see the surprise by now. Like it? :p

If you still don't manage to see the surprise, continue to type out 'a-r-r-e-l r-o-l-l'. You just told Google to "do a barrel roll" and it did!! hehe

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