Korean Drama FRENZY!

From Autumn Tale to Goodbye My Love...Winter Sonata to Full House, I have already watched 4 korean dramas. And I can't stop!! Only Goong left. Summer Scent is not downloading...and Spring Waltz has no subtitles (only realized after I finished dled the entire series. doesn't appear to be good either.)

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Autumn Tale - SWOLLEN EYES
Goodbye My Love - SAD
Winter Sonata - WET FACE
Full House - WET EYES (quite funny too :])

Leaving for Atlanta next Wed, will have lots of things to do/take care of. For instance, I need to study for GMAT, prepare grad school applications (essayss argh), work on 70-201 service project essay..................make time to sing karaoke, play tennis/table tennis/basketball..................this korean drama frenzy will have to stop. I don't even think I would have time to play Diablo II with mr. goh. Need a longer break leh.

edit: Goong is gone too. :[

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