sigh 無謂的掙扎。

Edit: mr. goh is a big loser in scissors-paper-stone and monopoly. Hmm I shall not talk about others. :p

Today, mr. goh finally got to challenge me at table tennis. He has been bragging how good he has become (while playing at work). Ya-ya blah-blah-blah... Unfortunately for him, his months of secret training brought him nowhere, I repeat, NOwhere close to drawing with me. 1 vs. 9. But I must commend him for his courage and sheer confidence that makes him think he can win me. Tsk tsk tsk. Heh he is much better a player already la. At least he made me start to play seriously. Muahahaha

So here's the final scoreboard today:
Table Tennis 1 vs. 9 I WIN! :)
Pool 3 vs. 4 I WIN! :)
Monopoly (cash) -$284 vs. $2,267 I WIN! :)
Reversi 44 vs. 20 goh wins.
Foosball 3 vs. 1 goh wins.
"Sandy Table" 2 vs. 1 goh wins.

sigh....overall still a draw.

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