It's sales, not marketing.

My interview on Monday was a great disappointment. Turns out that a so-called entry-level marketing position or "Account Executive" is essentially a salesperson, knocking from door to door in a ghetto neighborhood and trying to "market" client's services. Now I know what it really means by face-to-face/direct marketing. I won't fall into the trap anymore.

I'm surprised at the number of these marketing companies out there, all pitching the same idea...like "face-to-face marketing has proven to be most effective for our clients" or "field training strengthens communications skills, emphasizes a good work ethic and develops skills for negotiating with clients". Fortune 500 clients...yes. Sounds too good to be true.

I remember in my 3rd semester in architecture, my instructor always forbid us to say "design" when we were presenting our projects. Because architecture != design. Design = make things beautiful. No, they didn't lie. It's just not my type of architecture.

In one of the apartments, there was this real sweet baby neko, black and white just like nekochan. Heh wondered if all black and white neko are this sweet.

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  1. Anonymous6:02 AM

    wow, goon! gotta send this entry to ba and berd. can totally see the maturity in our baby of the family! your conclusion is most invigorating.
    thanks for the lesson. i see how architecture is not a design. you had great teachers.