Design Intern@ Alive Inc.

The internship ended unexpectedly quick..within 2-3 days. Reasons for leaving the internship, I shall not bother explaining. But overall, I did have some fun working on my first and last assignment. 2 brochures and a postcard. :)

* * *
Months of idling and slacking...now I actually need to buckle up and speed up again. Poof!

I am now a graphics designer intern at Alive Inc. It's a "business consulting, coaching, brand management, and training and development" company. You can read more at http://www.aliveincorporated.com. The "hiring" process was really quick. Atlanta craiglist job post. Reply to. Phone call. *boom* "You are hired." The only discouraging is...this is an UNpaid job.

Following the phone call, I got details of the list of projects that I am assigned to. Wow. To be honest, the whole night I was intimidated by the amount of work I got myself into *as free labor* ..also because I'm afraid I may not have the technical skills to do some of the web projects ..and I've always been slack on time management. But "planning" really helps, more mentally in my case. Just plotting out what needs to be done by when, all of a sudden, the situation doesn't seem to be too grave. It's like doing homeworks. Deadlines every week. Etc.

I'm really lightened up when I heard that they are looking to fill a full-time in-house graphics designer. If I do a good job, will I be offered the opportunity? H1B will be a tricky factor. But if I can, I would really want the job, even if it means relocating to Oklahoma. Sigh~

First project due ASAP. Brochure. Gotta pinch my pea brain for ideas now. Very fun. Jaa.

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  1. yeah, i'm glad that i'm not the only one in the house who has real work to do. =p
    you'll just be as busy as i am, barely affording time for japanese homework...just as i am! yay!
    first test should be more fun than hiragana test.