Jay Chou Fever (once more) :]

Since learning about 周董's new song 牛仔很忙, I've been digging through YouTube for 周董's videos..again. Videos of him on variety shows, such as 娛樂百分百, 康熙來了, and 桃色蛋白質. Particularly when his friends are invited as well...really funny and it brings out his personality! 超屌。Here's one of my favorite:

And I realize, he's actually quite good at "hosting his own show". [in chinese] 蠻會帶動他身邊的人...

I'm running out of these shows to watch on YouTube. *If anyone knows of a good source, please let me know!* So I start to look through all the 周董 videos on YouTube. This song has been my recent favorite. It's on my iPod too. Heh but visuals are a plus. Great pick the next time I go karaoke in Singapore!

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