Getting on with work...

I'm slowly accepting that there are certain things I can't control. At the same time, feeling more relieved as things may not turn out as bad as I imagined. But, I will never know what's in store for me in the future. Good or bad.

I'm actually getting happier at work these days. Got some great accompany here in the office. They realized that they missed my birthday last week. So this Wednesday, they bought me a cake, a card and flowers, and even sang me a birthday song in the office.

Thank you Blanche, for making all these happen. You may not know how much impact this had on me *A LOT* when I was still feeling so miserable about my birthday. Especially that redeemable coupon for 2 round trip air tickets...it really meant a lot to me. Truthfully.

I'll be earning extra bucks from one of my bosses soon. He has his other company website that needs some revamping. Yay, more $$!

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