Zhiyu's 1st month

Zhiyu is getting cuter day by day! \\\(^ <> ^)///
Here are photos from her 1st month celebration:

Fruit cake from a Greek bakery. Toxic, but my favorite!

Qiqi has been very excited about cakes and candles!
She's singing a birthday song for her Zhiyu 表妹.

This is Qiqi waiting to blow candles and cut the cake..

Kobe wants to give Zhiyu his blessings too.. muack!

How adorable! Even in her sleep, she holds on to her ang bao from gong gong..

Happy parents!!

We wrote a duckling card for Zhiyu. The cute doodles.. done by me of cos. :)

Napping with her mommy's mogu man..

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