Mini golf tournaments and updates

33 days left till I get to see my swt♥! :D happie

Over the past couple of weeks, we had two mini golf tournaments. One at Pirate's Cove, and another at Hidden Harbor Golf. I lost both but had some great shots. Hehe. Damn hot weather. Lots of fun.

27-hole at the Pirate's Cove. Pretty well designed terrain and obstacles.

Hidden Harbor Golf is an extension of the American Adventures Park. 18-hole, with the last being a giveaway hole-in-one. But my sister managed to make it in 2. Haha. We also took rides at the amusement park area. For kids. Qiqi was happy!! But sadly, most rides are too small for adults. :(

I mailed out $500+ worth of books and stationery the other day. Haiz. Just packed another boxful of soft toys. Probably be at least another $100 to ship that out. I have a feeling that the money I've earned in the past year is draining out. Eelk.

Work stuff is kinda disappointing, but expected. Don't even want to talk about it. Lazy I am, but I should really try to push for a recommendation letter eh? Or not.

After all these crap, I just want to get on the phone with wx. At least, love and peace could calm my mind.

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