10-minute express haircut service so-so.

So I was tweeting about going to EC House with wx last night where I met with unpleasant service.

It was our first time there, and I thought it interesting, so I figured we should document it...with pictures! Got a shot of the ticketing/paying machine: insert $10 to get a ticket, which you hand to the haircutter when it's your turn. (Note the use of haircutter instead of hairdresser. It's like a barber shop. You only see guys in it.)

Was just going to take a photo of wx sitting there for a haircut, when the auntie approached me and said "Sorry, no photography." (pointing to a sign, I didn't read but I suppose she meant that it's written there, no photos allowed) Fair enough if you didn't want me to take photos of your store front (even though I pretty much did already :p) - don't see the harm in doing so - but "Not even of him?" I spouted, twice. She didn't seem to understand at first but I think she finally sorted out the idea and did a hand sign for approval (as though I needed approval to take photos of my hunny). But wx just told me to forget it.

In any case, I still took a photo of wx getting a haircut. Could only do it from behind though to avoid being too obvious. Note: I am taking a photo OF wx.

I took a sit to wait for wx while tweeting on my phone about what just happened. There were 4 seats with numbers 1-4, meant for the queue numbers for the customers in line. Clearly there weren't any customers queuing without a seat. So what's the deal with me taking a seat while waiting for my hunny getting a haircut? I am also a customer if you hadn't realized. But the same auntie requested that I wait outside. This kind of blew up my wx, so he was pulling a long face for the rest of the time. I maintained my poise. Smiled even though I thought it ridiculous. Nonetheless, they have the right to maintain their so-called "rules" and I thought I should respect it. Just know that I won't be returning, and possibly tell me friends not to as well. (But heck I don't have many guy friends :\)

But I do find some interesting things about the store/type of service. For example, the paying machine and the way customers are handled with their hair + the design of each booth - it's almost like robotic age except that things are executed manually: 1) after a haircut, they vaccuum their customers from head to neck! 2) hair on the floor is swept to the left corner of the booth to be "sucked" away by a hidden vacuum cleaner behind. How convenient! :D 3) they also spray water on the head - this is actually normal, people do that in salons to wet the hair before cutting. But these guys do it at the end and it looks like they are spraying flowers or plants.

The auntie really caught wx off guard. He was already grumpy with her attitude and being so sensitive to touch/physical interactions (and he hates wetness!), he literally jumped when she sprayed water on him. LOL poor auntie was shocked by his reaction. I just lololol in a corner. :p

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