Living with your right hand...

I am right-handed. I do everything with my right hand. I would be paralyzed if I were to live without my right hand.

But what if my right hand could talk?

Rewatched Midori no Hibi (Midori Days) again. Hehe. This time with wx. It's one of my favorite anime pick to just relax and watch after work. Light, cheery, funny but not as nonsensical like Azumangah Daioh.

It's a story about this high school boy (Seiji) waking up one day with a girl (Midori, who has a crush on him) as his right hand! Throughout they learned how to live with each other and understand each other. Eventually we are revealed the complete picture of what happened to Midori (in her real life), whether she will remain as Seiji's right hand or go back to normal, and whether Seiji will accept her confession.

I thought this was one of the more interesting plot I've seen: girl as a right hand! It's so cute and rather convenient: 1) I can bring my xiao wx to everywhere I go! XD 2) Xiao wx can do chores for me! XD 3) Never be bored or lonely again. :)

If you have a chance to be someone's right hand, who would that person be? Who would you like to be your right hand?

Here's the first episode of Midori no Hibi to give you the basic idea:

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