MJ forever "alive" on the web..

I came into office last Friday morning, logged onto my TweetDeck and was overflowed with "MJ" or "Michael Jackson" tweets. Some positive and some negative. I read around to find out more about that piece of breaking news.

For a celebrity, who just passed away and who shined with fame and influence to the music industry, I thought it was basic courtesy to not speak ill of the dead (even if you seriously didn't like/appreciate MJ's work). But apparently, some people enjoyed making jokes out of the incident. Kudos to Tremendous News! for standing up to those insensitive peeps. (I figured I shall be more polite than those ppl here.)

On the contrary, there are many great tributes to MJ distributed on the Internet. One very much commendable job is the BillieTweets!

Found on imeem: Better on the Other Side - a tribute to Michael Jackson featuring The Game, Usher, Chris Brown, Boyz II Men, Mario Winans, and Polow Da Don.

Michael Jackson may be gone forever, but traces of his music and dances will continue to be shared amongst everyone who remains, on the World Wide Web...

Find something MJ on the Internet?
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