Thrilling.. a Singapore Blogathon 09!

update - blogathon afterwords:
Sometime in between there were negative comments made online about the Blogathon. Well, @twistedian wrote up a wonderful response to that. Kudos to Ian!

update - blogathon finale:
Congratulations to those who have won and big hug to all who survived! :D
@victortan did a good roundup of the blogathon.

update - blogathon online:
Follow #bthon on Twitter OR featured microsite on TANGS.

Hmm okay I've been lazy so stopped blogging for a while, it's bad cause now I have so much content piled up!! But here's something exciting for the bloggers and people who follow blogs. A 24-hrs Blogathon!! Tonight @TANGS!

Quick overview of Blogathon 09 on YouTube. Plus, some behind-the-scenes photos from @patlaw.

These are the ten bloggers featured:

Some people say blogs are outdated!? I think not really! I feel it's very different from Twittering or Facebooking, and they should be maintained separately but inter-connectedly. Watch live how these ten top Singapore bloggers do it! Show them your support! Vote for your favorite blogger!

Definitely head down if you're free tonight. ;)

More details on Blankanvas.

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