The beginning of a stressful journey...

I never thought it is going to be this tough. But now I do. I was enthusiastic about everything. But now I am not. All the stress from meeting job application deadlines, preparing for career fairs and presentations, while still keeping up with homework due dates is starting to have a negative effect on me.

I want to keep myself on top of things, to plan ahead and start early on assignments. But as I'm trying to do so, I realized I'm not a person who performs normally under pressure. What makes things worse is that when I'm stressed, I tend to move further away from what I'm supposed to be doing, and seek "pleasure" instead. *which then creates more stress for me as the deadline comes nearer, which then makes me feel worse, which then makes me want to escape reality again...which.........!!!*

Here's my way of seeking "pleasure": watching anime, movies, sitcoms or dramas, sometimes singing. This weekend, I started watching some old anime again: Chibi Maruko-chan and Fushigi Yuugi for the 4th time *hurray*!

Few BIG things on my To-Do list:
1) BOC this Wednesday: meet with Evelyn + submit to resume book + print resumes
2) UMO interview this Thursday
3) McKinsey deadline Sep. 24 Oct. 1
4) Recruiting presentation + analysis Sep. 26 28
5) Loreal Brandstorm Weekend registration Oct. 4
6) 2 midterms on Oct. 6



  1. gambate dear! you can do it!

  2. argh, how i wish i had your kind and your kind of stress to deal with only. =( at least there is something i can do about it.

    i'm stuck lately watching a "life movie". i call it the "display of the ugly side". it's watching how a bunch of your male friends react to the entrant of a cute little innocent girl. every act just gets uglier.

    i wouldn't say it stresses me out infinitely. but it does add on to my melancholy. need a bunch of sweet stuff after that. heh. who can blame my lack of a decent diet! =p