Activities Fair

Went to Activities Fair yesterday with MissSarajevo and kennethihi. As expected, it was fully packed with people. The Activities Board was giving out rubber duckies to ppl who signed up! (Translation: give out your email add., get the duckie, then turn on spam filter *wink*)

The 3 of us signed up for every single business organizations at CMU: Undergrad. Finance Association (UFA), American Marketing Association (AMA), Consulting Club, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), Undergrad. Investment Club (UIC), Carnegie Mellon Business Association (cmBA), and Undergrad. Entrepreneurship Association (UEA).

Well, I realized that the Undergrad. Marketing Organization (UMO) was not there. Does it even exist now??

Some of you may know, I joined UMO as Co-director of Web Design last semester. I was supposed to be working with another girl on a website for the org. And I felt kinda bad. We had ONE meeting, and that was it. We were supposed to come up with mock-ups of a banner for the website. And she was supposed to send me the dimensions for a standard banner. Well...supposedly, that was how we were going to cooperate, she on the technicality and me on the design. But we never communicated since that meeting. I never got her email and eventually, I forgot/gave up completely. Nonetheless, I did work on a couple of mock-ups. This was my latest version:

I also signed up for some projects. But only got a couple of emails from one project, both of which I wasn't able to attend their meetings. And for the rest of the semester (this applies to MissSarajevo who joined the club with me), I never heard from them again. Should I even ask about what happened to the organization?

So today was the first general body meeting for SIFE...
I must say this is the best business organization on campus. They were in some national competition last semester and won many many awards! I'm senior already, and really I haven't done anything that's worth putting on my resume. So it's really time to get involved in something before it's too late. I also needed something for my 70-201 Professional Service Project in order to graduate next sem. SIFE is the best choice. There were many project leader positions open for application, but I am no leader person. Although it's good for my resume, I hate being a leader. Naturally, I set my eye on one of the "leadership" positions in the committee. You know what it is....Design Chair!!! Boy I was so glad they had that position open, together with IT Chair (responsible for making and maintaining the website). Personally, I'd love to be IT Chair as well, but I know my limits. I can't code no matter how much I want to. *weeps* Oh well, so I'll probably get an interview with them this weekend. I really want the job. GIVE IT TO ME!!!

Also looking forward to the first AMA meeting on Monday! Marketing is what I really wanna do! Hehe good stuff for my resume :)

P.S: Just picked this up from Cat (haven't talked to her like years!) >////<

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