Stupid stupid stupid...

Stupid Webcams!!

So the Logitech webcam that I bought from mr. goh 3 years ago hasn't been working since last month...you know, the black/white screen. *Sigh* This weekend, my sisters came to visit me! I was sooo happy. They took me out yesterday and got me a new webcam. Logitech again. Was happily setting it up last night so that I can talk to my cute little niece on MSN, until I realized that the installation cd that came in the package contains ZERO bytes of files in it!! And I thought that my cd-rom wasn't working! Good job, Logitech. So I went to download the software from the website instead, installed it and guess what...IT'S STILL NOT WORKING. There was video image, and I could hear sounds as well, just that the MIC'S BROKEN. Two words, LOGITECH SUX. (In fact, mr. goh has a Logitech webcam as well, newer than my old one, and is also not working!)

Sad and disappointed...my sisters had to take it back to CompUSA today and ask for an exchange. We've totally lost faith in Logitech products, so got the Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000 instead, same price. I was happy, it's black and looks cool, and I thought that finally I could have a working webcam.

But NO.


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