It's HELL week.

This is by far the MOST STRESSFUL and BUSIEST week in my life!

1) Finance midterm (FRI) - 2 toughest topics!
2) Marketing presentation (FRI)
3) MIS presentation (FRI) - hell to prepare even 1 presentation...
4) Marketing case competition (SAT) - this is not for "pray pray" (translates: play play) ok!? and we have hell lot of shit to do. and the judges panel is freaking me out! both marketing and oral comm professors? NOOOOOOOOOO


Other less hectic stuff:
* My Spring 2007 schedule! --> brought to you by scheduleman!

** My sister and I started on this continue-the-story game. so one of us write a paragraph of text and the other continues from there to create a story, back and forth, blah blah blah.....IN CHINESE. This is our progress so far:

Edit: For the completed short story, see next post by me.

Now it's my sister's turn to cook up the story. (Notice there's both simplified and traditional chinese...)

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