my good-bye trip: Phipps & Schenley

Friday, June 22
Phew. I woke up late today and barely made it for a 1-hour tour at Phipps Conservatory. The last time I visited was couple years back. At that time parts of the Conservatory were still under renovation. Now they're all done and I even found some very interesting additions to the flowers and trees. Some examples are:

It's the "Pittsburgh Celebrates Glass! 2007" series of events and exhibitions! Pretty? Many of these actually reminded me of some stuff in WoW. :) The Thailand tropical forest setting in Phipps was new too. Unfortunately, time was running out so I didn't get a chance to see the rejuvenated Japanese Garden.

The gnome-like me:

You can laugh all you want...but that is NOT my real height!!

The Phipps Conservatory tour ended in a rush. Took a break and decided to go to the lake in Schenley Park for pictures.

The lake is still as dirty as ever. There were junk including tires, in the lake. And I felt sad when I saw the little duckies preying on *stuff* in the mud. :'( They should really try to conserve this area if they want to put duckies here. How can they survive on dirt!?

But seeing this family of duckies, something else came to our minds:
嘎嘎~ 嘎嘎~ 嘎-嘎-嘎
嘎嘎~ 嘎嘎~ 嘎-嘎-嘎
Heh the 母鴨帶小鴨 song that QiQi listens to.

Lastly, here's me saying goodbye to y'all from "my good-bye trip: Phipps & Schenley".

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