damn ants.

I can't remember when I fell asleep..but I awoke at 3:43am, feeling flustered. (I don't recall dreaming of anything. Though I most probably did.) This wasn't the first time I felt it this way, so I intuitively did what I always do. I walked to my computer and left an MSN message. Nauseous. I went back to sleep.

At 7am, I heard my alarm and snoozed it. Around 7:24am, I stood up. Had the same horrible feeling again, left another MSN message and went back to sleep. At 8am, I felt worse. Woke up from a nightmare. Kobe and I were running in a rural environment, lots of hills, water, trees, rocks. We were trying to get home. Everywhere seemed the same and yet different. We got lost. I turned, ran towards where we came from, not knowing if I still remember the way back. Then I realized Kobe wasn't with me. I stopped and shouted for him to come. I think I caught a glimpse of Kobe, but there were other dogs around. I think he was scared. He ran further and I lost sight of him. I woke up. Sent my third message.

I was getting ready. Chibi kept meowing for attention. There was still food in her tray. No wait. There was something more than just food. Something overflowing. ANTS! I quickly grabbed Chibi away. I hope she hasn't eaten any. Gross. I had to get rid of it quick. Damn the ants. I hate insects.

Gloomy Monday.


  1. different ppl define "living" differently. most ppl probably do not ask themselves that question.

    watched a tv program the other day. this architect in london lives comfortably designing just 2-3 pieces of furnitures a year. rest of the time he takes time off to renovate (doing all the tough work himself) and design his working and living space. he enjoys life that way.

    how one lives depends a lot on what one needs. most of everything else, we can get by, with or without bitching.

    how do you define your life?

  2. i have asked the question before. and i thought i know the answer. but perhaps like many others, i don't know what i want. i don't know how i want to define my life. i'm still searching, perhaps too intuitively such that i'm just waiting for it to strike me one day.