Set me free.

When you are feeling bitter and miserable about someone, and can't get out of the black hole, the best solution is to talk to that person, realize that nothing you say or think actually matters, and you will be freed.

Basically, get pissed.
It's a temporary relief. :)


  1. i once thought of hitting the 'reset' button in my mind, where all interactions previously and thereafter will remain the same. i should essentially be free from any emotions or similarly, i am equally burdened by any emotions. heh, either way, i'll be as light as a feather everyday. i did not take the initiative to talk to anyone in my family then.

    i went back to singapore once. played with qiqi, looked at the same things and realised that i missed a stretch along that path.

    immediate family, you were bestowed with them at birth or equivalently. not much of a choice in learning to appreciate each one since they won't ever forsake you. you get a choice at picking a partner though, someone who is not obligated to stick by you (vice versa). what better opportunity to learn to love and appreciate someone?

    whatever you are, regardless of how insignificant, your family never discriminates you. you get their attention when you want to speak. heh, who is a good candidate to play the partner game with?

    stubbornness doesn't pay in learning. life is a continuously learning process. you turn away from learning, you stay stagnant in life.

  2. hmm... bit hard to comprehend the meaning in depth. hee