So "busy" at work!! XD

Today at work:

I did shopping! Newegg.com has some great deals on USB flash drives. Got a 4GB one at only $17 (+shipping) for the company. Figured that while I'm at it, I might as well shop for one myself. And so, the shopping list just grew longer...

For myself:
Cute Mickey Mouse head-shaped USB flash drive, 2GB for $23. Even more expensive than a 4GB one, but for the design!! Can you figure out where the USB connector is?? =D

For baba:
Sleek looking 4GB flash drive for just $14! I like the white and green one better, but they were out of stock. Ah well.

For tim:
Heh another cute one and 4GB! In the shape of a Robot. $21 good buy!

P.S: Just had a haircut too. ^^

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