updated: zoo trip postponed due to bad weather.

My family has been here for almost a month, my baba just arrived couple of days ago, and I have been so slacked ever since. All the work that I wanted to do part-time are on hold. Sobs. That means no money. Shipping stuff back to Singapore will cost a bomb. =( Just sold another book on Amazon, earned $65. But I still have like 8 other books waiting to get rid of. Sigh. Went to factory outlet today and I bought nothing!! woot. Only spent $9 on a little dress for Julian. (OMIGOD I just carried her for the first time just now! So small and chubby, and doesn't make a fuss when people carry her, unlike Qiqi.) Going to the zoo tomorrow. Hope it's not as unworthy as the Children's Museum we went on Tuesday. Much smaller than Pittsburgh's and not very well maintained. $11 for adults AND children. So that's how they treat children at a museum especially for them. To charge them like an adult. Why do they even bother having both adults tickets and children tickets? They're the same!

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