world's suckiest: badminton player.

I don't think anyone could play this sport as bad as I do.

The first time I really played badminton, straight for like a month or so, I completely lost the ability to play table tennis. (Back to zero. It's as if I've never learned that sports before. I "gave up" being a better player.)

Never quite dare to touch badminton again, until someday I started going to a nearby community center to play with my mama and sisters. And.. I hurt my neck. Could turn or tilt my head for like two weeks.

The third time I played badminton was when I came to Atlanta for winter break. That time, I hurt my right toe nail because I didn't cut my nails. It remained black for months to a year.

This is the fourth time I hurt myself in badminton. Took care of my neck and toes this time, but whack too hard and hurt my right shoulder. T_T


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