In my other life..

  • Been quite into Wii sports after my family arrived. They're quite into it. And oops, I forgot to do my Wii fitness today. Although I can never quite believe how a 23 yr old and a 61 yr old can have their ages switched in a virtuality. =\

  • They watched 2 HK dramas and I missed out on both. =( Caught only a few episodes over the weekends. But this House drama is awesome. Watching Season One. Only just started watching so I've missed quite a number of episodes now, but it's a different medical case each time so no missing out on plots.

  • I got my international license today. $15 + 10 for 2 passport-sized photos. Eh hem.. don't know if you are aware of how it works, but this is supposed to get me my license in Singapore. We'll see.

  • Nothing much happening on WoW these days. We transferred servers (back on a PvP server.. exciting). But it's like everyone's disappeared after the transfer. I don't log in as often too. Plan now is to focus on leveling and PvPing (I'm learning). Season 4 just came out.

  • It's MidSummer festival now.. xiang xiang surprised me with a Captured Flame yesterday. Muuuuacck. So sweet. ^////^ Love you much!!! =D

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