A new life.

I just witnessed the birth of my 2nd niece today. Julian/芷瑜 is the name. My gawd. I mean, how many times in your lifetime would you actually witness someone giving birth, watching the baby come out of the... (forgive me, but my bio knowledge sux way beyond your imagination) Anyways, it was quite a smooth delivery (and yes, it was all bloody and I watched through EVERYthing). I thought this would be a good chance for me to understand the procedure visually, trying to comprehend the amount of pain during the giving birth. My sister finally resorted to epidural anesthesia, it means sticking a needle into your spinal cord to numb your body so you don't feel pain from contractions. I guess the pain is really menstrual cramps amplified n times. :s Most part of the process is just gross. Looks painful, and I wonder if without the epidural, whether the pain from contractions or the pain from tearing the vagina is more significant. Ewww.

Pictures to come.

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